Meet BeautyCutright

My name is Nekia. I help people by coaching in a way that's geared to providing practical and spiritual solutions to everyday problems that keep you stuck living a life you're just not satisfied's time to transform yourself and I'm ready to be of assistance.

One of my many gifts  is that I can easily tune into what is hurting in people and figure out the best method to sooth their aching soul.  

I have more than one approach to communicating practical & spiritual wisdom, depending on what is the best medicine for your individual needs.

I recognize some respond best to knowledge and can have a stimulating discussion that helps one’s mind. I'm also able to sense when someone needs a soft touch and know how to respond with gentle compassion.

Together with my gift of clairvoyance and intellect... make a dynamic duo that allows me to bring healing to everyone I encounter, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

Trust your intuition & set your intentions and success will follow

Nekia ~ BeautyCutright